Anne-Marie, affection for Suzy and Taeyeon -> Secret story behind TWICE’s “SCIENTIST”

Top British singer Anne-Marie expressed her affection as a fan for Suzy and Taeyeon.

On Oct 27th, the Anne-Marie episode was uploaded on the YouTube channel “MMTG”.

In the video, regarding the fact that “2002” topped the annual chart in Korea, Anne-Marie said, “It’s crazy. I never thought that that would happen. I’m good with first place.”

She continued, “I love ‘2002’ because it has all the old songs in it. I love it because that time of music is my favorite. It’s cool to be able to sing those songs in my own song.”


She also mentioned Korean fans’ paper airplane event.

Anne-Marie recalled, “It’s one of my favorite moments. It was really beautiful.”

She added, “I think it was one of the most beautiful experiences ever for me. They made it so special. It was so beautiful that I cried.”


She expressed her gratitude, “I was crying while I was singing. I was moved to tears because it was so good. Fans were singing so loud as well.”

Regarding Korean fans, Anne-Marie said, “Koreans sing the loudest. I love it when people sing my songs.”


She added, “Especially in countries that have a different language. It’s even more special to me. I’m fine with them saying ‘hum-ha-hum-ha’.”

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About “2002” covered by Suzy, she praised, “When I saw that, it was beautiful. I think she sounds better than me.”

She expressed her love for Taeyeon, “I listened to Taeyeon’s songs and they were great. I want to make a song together with her.”

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Anne-Marie then confessed, “I wrote ‘SCIENTIST’ in my living room in lockdown.”

She revealed a secret story behind it, “I gave it to TWICE right away when I heard that they asked for it. They sound so good. It looked… more than my videos!”

Source: insight

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