IU’s “tough” relationship with her family members: Her mother “got mad” at her changing the pillow color, her brother pretended to not know her

While IU is loved by fans and close with colleagues, she is a regular Lee Ji Eun with her family.

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“Nation’s Little Sister” IU is among the most successful soloists in K-pop. (Image: Pinterest) 

In September 2022, IU held her concert “The Golden Hour” in Seoul, Korea and garnered several achievements. The singer prepared gifts for fans at the concert, including seat cushions for better concert experience. According to IU, it was her mother who prepared them a month and a half prior to the concert. 

IU concert seat cusion
IU gained favor for the careful preparation work for fans attending the concert. (Image: Pinterest) 
IU concert
Her concert left many special impressions on fans. (Image: Pinterest) 

The cushions were in mint and lime green for Uaena (IU’s fandom). The fans were allowed to take them home as a souvenir. However, moments before the concert, IU spontaneously wanted to change the color to pink or orange to suit the concept but accidentally angered her mother. 

“My mom made this. This time, unlike the squared cushion before, we made the edges round. I first asked for Uaena’s color and mint. But then I thought, ‘Shouldn’t it be orange and pink?’ So I asked my mom again and she got mad at me. The factory is already running with orders”, said IU. 

iu concert seat cushion
IU wanted to change the colors of the cushions at last minutes, causing her mother to get mad. (Image: YouTube 이지 금 [IU Official])
Her mother getting mad at her somehow showed a normal mother-daughter bond. (Image: YouTube 이지 금 [IU Official])
No matter how famous IU is with thousands of fans, she is still a daughter to her mother. (Image: Pinterest) 

That was not the only time IU paid no mind to her singer status. IU’s younger brother once pretended to not know her.  

She said: “My brother and I look very alike and it’s well known that his name is Lee Jong Hoon, so he said that people seem to catch on since his name is Lee Jong Hoon and he looks like me (IU’s real name is Lee Ji Eun). But he told me that he’s still pretending not to be my brother”.

She also revealed that only 4 to 5 people knew that Lee Jong Hoon had a sister who is a top Kpop star. He hid that secret for a long time. They also had sibling banter by teasing her for not getting married while she was approaching 30s. 

IU revealed her brother pretended to not know her. (Image: Pinterest) 
iu younger brother
Despite their close bond in early childhood, her brother insisted on not knowing IU as his family. (Image: Pinterest) 
The sibling relationship comes across as an ironic situation.
While her family is “mean” to her sometimes, IU is loved by her colleagues. (Image: Pinterest) 
IU has an intimate relationship with her colleagues. (Image: Pinterest) 

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