American and European schools ban “Squid Game” costumes ahead of Halloween

Ahead of Halloween, schools in the U.S. and European countries have imposed a ban on “Squid Game” costumes.

According to The Times on Oct 24th (local time), an elementary school in Dublin, Ireland prohibited “Squid Game” Halloween costumes because they are not suitable for students. Earlier, a parent-teacher meeting was held to discuss concerns about the violence of the games in “Squid Game” after some students were reported to have imitated these games.

squid game

In addition, an elementary school in Madrid, Spain distributed a notice asking for parental guidance as students were confirmed to follow behaviors in “Squid Game”. Three schools in New York also banned students from wearing “Squid Game” costumes, judging that they contained violent messages.

squid game

Meanwhile, “Squid Game” tells the story of those who participate in a mysterious survival game with a prize of 45.6 billion won, risking their lives to become the ultimate winner. It is considered the most successful series in Netflix’s history.

squid game

As a result, while games and related goods in “Squid Game” are gaining huge popularity, it seems that these sanctions were imposed overseas, judging that the costumes and props in the drama would be a medium to instill violence into students. 

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