Top4 idol fashionistas picked by Korean reporters (ft. Jennie as the only girl)

Apart from the singing and dancing race in the Korean Idol world, there is now another battle that gathers attention: Which idol wears the most fashionable clothes?

Nowadays, the Korean entertainment world has a lot of good-looking young stars who are invested by their management company in order to pursue the title of “fashionista idol” such as G-Dragon, CL, Jessica, Krystal …

If you are wondering which idols of the new generation are now the leaders of the Korean fashion scene, Korean reporters can give you the answer.

Here are the four young stars chosen by Korean reporters as the most stylish new-generation idols.

Jennie (BlackPink)

Jennie’s coverage frequency in articles and fashion-related comments is so dense that sometimes the public hear about the female idol’s fashion more than her idol career.

Overall, Jennie’s fashion style can be summed up in two words “rich” and “luxurious”. Black Pink members often wear the most impressive, most expensive and most beautiful outfits from Gucci and Chanel, the top two fashion brands. Not to mention, Jennie also had sparkling accessories and jewelry, allowing her to change her image freely.

Kang Daniel (Wanna One)

Not just having a perfect height and six-packed body, Daniel’s body is also of golden proportion with a wide shoulder, long legs and slim waist like a supermodel combining with his fashion sense which fits and accentuates his body line.

Kang Daniel’s main style of fashion is the combination with stylish item, showing off his energetic and bright image.

Truthfully speaking, not many male idols these days can follow the masculine, manly style as Daniel does.

Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO)

Audiences are usually distracted by Eunwoo’s handsome, making his fashion sense goes unnoticed.

However, try to focus on his delicate sense of fashion. This male idol prefers simple outfits but tries to accentuate his grown-up and gentleman self by using small and unique details.

Sometimes, Eunwoo let himself go loose with formal and unique clothes but doesn’t seem to lose his façade.


Just like his colleagues from above, V (BTS) also has his own way to be called a “fashion-dol”.

Looking at his choice of clothing, the wild and adventurous part of his characteristics can easily be seen.

Ever since BTS’s career start to go up, V has been given the chance to more high-fashion and unique items. That is the time when a new V’s style of fashion starts to appear: fancy, unique but also reckless (in a planned way).

Source: KCLive

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