Kim Hee-sun confirmed to star in new movie “Sweat Sea”… She will work alongside Yoo Hae-jin and Cha In-pyo

Actress Kim Hee-sun recently confirmed her appearance in the film“Sweet Sea” will make her first comeback on the big screen in about 20 years. 

A staff from “Sweat Sea” production team said on August 1st, “Kim Hee-sun, Yoo Hae-jin, Cha In-pyo, Jin Sun-kyu, Han Sun-hwa, and Jung Da-eun completed the cast lineup. Crank-in and filming has begun in mid-July”.

kim hee sun

“Sweat Sea” is a romantic-comedy movie. It tells about Chi-ho, a genius researcher at a confectionary company, going through a sweet change as he meets Il-young, a call center employee at a loan screening agency.

Kim Hee-sun plays the role of Il-young. This character interprets everything that happens to her in a positive way. To pay off her loan, she joins a loan screening agency as a call center employee.

kim hee sun

This is Kim Hee-sun’s first movie comeback in about 20 years since her last work “A Letter From Mars” (directed by Kim Jung-kwon) in 2003. Since then, she has mainly starred in dramas.

Yoo Hae-jin takes on the role of Chi-ho. He’s a genius confectionary company researcher who makes hit productions. Kim Hee-sun and Yoo Hae-jin are expected to show unique chemistry.

In addition, various actors have also confirmed their appearance. Cha In-pyo plays Chi-ho’s older brother Seok-ho. Jin Sun-kyu appears as Byung-hoon, son of the confectionary company’s CEO and a charming person. Han Sun-hwa stars as Eun-sook who has an unrivaled charm. Finally, rookie actress Jung Da-eun plays Jin-joo, a promising shooter. 

Director Lee Han is in charge of directing and creating adaptation. He has produced numerous hit films, such as “Lovers’ Concerto”, “Almost Love”, “Punch”, “Thread of Lies”, and “Innocent Witness”.

The script was done by director Lee Byeong-heon, who was behind the success of “Extreme Job”, “Twenty”, and drama “Be Melodramatic”. He is expected to showcase his storytelling skill that will capture the viewers’ empathy, laughter and emotions.

Meanwhile, “Sweat Sea” is being filmed with an aim of being released in 2023.

Source: dispatch

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