BLACKPINK Jisoo is defeating Park Eunbin, likely to win “Outstanding Performance of Korean Drama” for actresses 

The Seoul International Drama Awards, which will be held for the 17th time this year, has begun voting for its categories.

From August 1st to 31st, the organizers of Seoul International Drama Award (from herein referred to as SDA) and Neowiz Co. Ltd. will hold a vote on several award categories, including Asia Star Award, Outstanding Kpop Idol, Outstanding Performance of Korean Drama for actors and actress, and  Outstanding OST, via the voting app “Idol Champ”. 

Among these, the Asia Star Award is for male and female actors recommended in 5 Asian countries and regions (Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, and the Philippines), while the Outstanding Performance of Korean Drama for actors and actresses is for those recommended by all platforms, from domestic channels to OTT platforms. 

In addition, this year also introduces the Outstanding Kpop Idol award, which establishes the collaboration between K-drama and Kpop – the 2 major pillars of the Korean Wave, and aims to honor best idol-actors and idol-actresses who contribute to the growth of the Korean Wave. 

Currently, Kang Daniel, Jaechan, Jisoo, Junho, and Park Jihoon are nominated for the Outstanding Kpop Idol award, while Kim Namgil, Kim Seonho, Park Seoham, Park Jaechan, Junho, and Jung Haein are nominated for the Outstanding Performance of Korean Drama (Actor) category.

Meanwhile, Jisoo, who debuted as an actress with the K-drama “Snowdrop”, will compete with Lee Seyoung (The Red Sleeve), Park Eunbin (The King’s Affection), Son Yejin (Thirty Nine), and more in the Outstanding Performance of Korean Drama (Actress) category. 

As of the morning of the first voting day, Jisoo is leading the rankings, followed by Lee Seyoung and Park Eunbin.

On the other hand, “Our Beloved Summer”, “Young Lady and Gentleman”, and “Semantic Error” are nominated for the OST Award. 

Voting for all candidates is carried out on the app “Idol Champ”, starting August 1st, and winners will be crowned at the awards ceremony, which is scheduled to be held at 5 pm (KST) on September 22nd. 

The Seoul International Drama Awards is the world’s first global awards ceremony which specializes in K-dramas and aims to promote the unity of people around the world as well as the development of related industries through dramas.

The 17th Seoul Drama Awards will be held offline for the first time in two years since the corona pandemic.

Source: insight

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