Different from “The Heir” and “Descendant of the Sun” but Kim Ji-won still remains No. 1 on the hot topic chart

Kim Ji-won of “My Liberation Notes” is the most talked-about actress at the moment with her role of a dull character living in a harsh reality.

“I want to feel fulfilled once. So worship me. Love isn’t enough. Worship me please.”

This is the ending scene from the 2nd episode of JTBC’s Saturday and Sunday drama “My Liberation Notes.” Yeom Mi-jung (played by Kim Ji-won), who is living a harsh life, suddenly said those words to Koo (Son Seok-gu), a man in the neighborhood who doesn’t even know his name. The ratings of the earlier part of the series were in the 2% range, perhaps because of the unfamiliar “confession” that was not even “love” but “worship”. However, the 10th episode aired on May 8th has risen to 4.6%. It’s not a figure that can be proud of, but viewers all agree on the fact that they replay and replay the drama non-stop through OTT services rather than watching the actual broadcast. Actress Kim Ji-won is at the center of this viral “quiet” topic.

My Liberation Notes

In the ranking for the first week of May (May 2th-8th) announced by Good Data Corporation, a TV topic analysis agency, Kim Ji-won ranked 2nd among drama cast and 1st among actresses for two consecutive weeks.

Kim Ji Won

Kim Ji-won dries viewers’ hearts with her “dull” acting, showing a high level of immersion in her character who is just an empty shell. Mi-jung’s life is nothing clear. Mi-jung, a credit card company contract worker, feels alone even among her colleagues. She can’t even relax with a drink after work to relieve her stress as she has to commute between Seoul and Sanpo, Gyeonggi-do, which are 4 hours apart, to work. On weekends, she has to help her parents with farming.

Mi-jung’s unsure appearance when facing reality made viewers, who want to escape from the harsh reality, uncomfortable. However, everyone is still curious about how Mi-jung feel about kinship. This is why viewers are increasing.

Kim Ji Won

Through empty eyes and emotionless expressions, Kim Ji-won melted into the sorrowful uncertainty of her character Mi-jung. Her character was expressed plainly, no more no less. She persuasively changes the meaning of “worship,” which was like an unnatural consolation, into something convincing. Kim Ji-won, who is performing a seductive performance, naturally pulled off mean and lively characters in other works. Let’s take a look at works that showcased Kim Ji-won’s character digestibility.

“The Heirs” (2013 | Watcha, wavve)

“The Heirs” is a youth drama about the love and friendship of students from a wealthy high school. Kim Ji-won played Yoo Rachel, the heiress of a fashion group.

Kim Ji Won

Kim Ji-won showed off her skill in acting despite her character’s clichéd setting in which she is rich but not loved by her family properly. She exuded charisma with her chic and cold aura as well as her gentle yet sharp tone of voice.

“Descendants of the Sun” (2016 | Watcha, wavve)

Descendants of the Sun” depicts the love story of a dispatched soldier and a dispatched doctor who grew stronger with each other even in extreme circumstances in an unfamiliar land called Uruk. Kim Ji-won played First Lieutenant Yoon Myung-ju, an army doctor who was dispatched to the Taebaek unit.

Kim Ji Won

Yoon Myung-ju, the daughter of Lieutenant General Yoon – commander of the South Korean Special Forces Brigade, falls in love with Master Sergeant Seo Dae-young (played by Jin Goo). Even when Seo Dae-young hesitates due to Yoon Myung-ju’s father who opposes their relationship, Yoon Myung-ju goes “straight” to Seo Dae-young. The reason why Kim Ji-won was loved by female viewers is her subjective, confident and cool charm. Thanks to her chemistry with Jin Goo, the two were nicknamed the “Goo-Won couple”.

“Lovestruck in the City” (2020 | Kakao TV, Netflix)

“Lovestruck in the City” depicts the real love stories of young people who left the complex city and met at a strange travel destination. The series features a fresh story and fast development that combines with the interview format in every episode.

Kim Ji Won

Kim Ji-won played Lee Eun-oh, the CEO of a failing one-man marketing agency who lives an ordinary life but has an alter ego called Yoon Seon-ah. From the sub-character’s free-spirited charm to the original character’s lovely charm, she shows a dynamic appearance.

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