“My Liberation Notes” is number one on the TV viral content chart, Son Seok-gu and Kim Ji-won also rank first and second

“My Liberation Notes” is uniquely viral.

According to the results of the first week of May’s rankings of Good Data TV’s top drama division, JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “My Liberation Notes” has surpassed tvN’s “Our Blues,” which had been No. 1 for three consecutive weeks.

Compared to the previous week, the series’ popularity increased by 16.71%, while Son Seok-gu and Kim Ji-won continued to rank first and second in the cast’s popularity category. In addition, Lee Min-ki rose 21 spots to 12th place compared to the previous week, and Lee El ranked 15th.

My Liberation Notes

In particular, “My Liberation Notes” has been on the rise for four consecutive weeks since the first week of its broadcast, which is why viewers are paying close attention to whether the show will surpass its own viral record for five consecutive weeks next week. In third place is KBS 2TV’s newly introduced Monday-Tuesday drama Bloody Heart while its male lead Lee Joon and female lead Kang Hanna are ranked fourth and seventh in the cast’s popularity. JTBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Green Mothers Club” came in fourth place, one step down from last week, and SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Again My Life” remained in fifth place.

bloody heart

The ranking of Good Data TV’s trendy dramas released by Good Data Corporation on May 9th is the result of analyzing netizens’ responses on news articles, blogs/communities, videos, and SNS about 20 dramas that are on air or scheduled to air from May 2th to May 8th.


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