5 ‘Legendary stages” of BlackPink Rosé

The female singer soothes the fan ears seem by the soulful, sweet and unique vocals. All it takes is a piece to make the listener want to hear the whole song, it is Rosé.

Let It Be + You and I + Look at me only

BlackPink has performed a Singapore concert ‘BLACKPINK 2019 WORLD TOUR WITH KIA [IN YOUR AREA] SINGAPORE‘. That day, Rosé caused the attendees to fall in love again with a sweet voice through Park Bom‘s You and I. With Rosé‘s emotional performance, her mesmerizing vocals stimulated the fans’ delicate emotions. (From 1:01)

Rosé perfectly covered another song of Taeyang at the first solo concert with “Look at Me only’. As soon as the inspirational piano rhythm rang, Rosé began to sing confidently, passionately with all emotions. Rosé’s sweet voice has a characteristic feel that once again stimulates the listeners’ emotions. (From: 2:09)

The perfect ‘Covered Goddess’ Rosé can conquer even the male singers’ balad. Rosé previously had a competition at the MBC King of Mask Singer. At that time, Rosé went to the second round and had a passionate performance with Jung Seunghwan’s song ‘If it is You’. Rosé showed off her powerful voice and lovely beautiful melody that made fans satisfied, it felt like it was filled with honey !!


Rosé showed the appearance of the ‘main vocal’ in Japan concert took place last year. Rosé appears with the guitar playing live and starts singing Taeyang‘s ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’. The song through Rosé’s vocal seems to be empty and lonely at the time, which fits well with the melodious lyrics that melt the fans’ heart that day.

BlackPink last year had a meeting with fans at their first domestic concert at the Sports Stadium, Olympic Park, Seoul. That day, Rosé performed Seungri 1,2,3!’ Solo song. Rosé hesitated for a moment before the fan’s proposal that she only needed to sing a piece that took two parts of the song. Rosé‘s cover was full of melody that heated the atmosphere at the stadium then.

Source: kclive

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