“Trying to leech on them to the end?” Busan is sad that BTS couldn’t be the expo ambassador ‘til the end due to their enlistment

BTS’s agency has announced its official position regarding the members’ military enlistment.

In the midst of this, Busan Mayor Park Hyung-joon said, “It’s very unfortunate.”

BTS is working as a goodwill ambassador for the 2030 World Expo.

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On Oct 18th, Busan Ilbo reported an interview with Mayor Park Hyung-joon regarding the enlistment of BTS.

Mayor Park Hyung-joon said in an interview with the media, “I understand and respect BTS members’ decisions,” but added, “It’s very unfortunate.”

When asked if he was willing to suggest additional alternative service for BTS, Mayor Park replied, “It is difficult to argue if the BTS members have decided to serve in the military.” 

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Mayor Park officially proposed to the presidential office in August this year that the BTS alternative service system should be applied.

In June this year, when it was first reported that BTS accepted Mayor Park’s request to be the ambassador for the 2030 World Expo, the Busan Metropolitan Government and other communities welcomed it, exclaiming that they are equipped with a powerful weapon now.

bts busan concert

Considering the influence of BTS, who has a thick fan base around the world, Busan is ready to challenge to host the 2030 World Expo.

BTS’s performance as the goodwill ambassador for the Expo was great.  At the appointment ceremony of BTS in July, the livestream on Youtube created a rare scene with up to 200,000 people simultaneously watching worldwide. 

bts busan concert

The venue and date of the 2030 World Expo BTS concert also emerged as a hot topic long before the concert, and on the day of the concert, approximately 62,000 people from each country flocked to the three concert venues.

However, as BTS decided to join the military, it is difficult to predict at present whether they will be able to continue their activities as goodwill ambassadors for the 2030 Expo, and the Busan community is responding with regret.

bts busan concert

In the midst of this, BTS’ fans are very angry at the Busan Metropolitan Government’s response.

This is because the government and Busan City seem to be exploiting BTS to attract people to the Busan Expo.

bts busan concert

The free concert held in Busan on Oct 15th was also controversial due to problems related to the cost.

BTS fans reacted to this, saying, “Busan seems to be using BTS until the end,” “Busan is shameless,” and “This is too much for the members who are going to do their national defense duties.”

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