Top 9 K-dramas with high-flying watching hours on Netflix in 2022: “Business Proposal” sits comfortably in the top 3 K-drama, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” ascends to 8th place globally 

2022 witnesses a surge of popularity of K-dramas on Netflix with resulting whopping watch hours. 

Top 9: “Our Beloved Summer” at 92th place globally 

our beloved summer

Our Beloved Summer” is a perfect mixture of comedy, romance and cute that greeted the audience earlier this year and received much love from the audience. The leading characters played by Choi Woo Sik and Kim Da Mi with swoon-worthy chemistry became the talk of the town throughout the series airtime. The series achieved 128 million hours of watch time and ranked 92th globally. 

Top 8: “Narco-Saints” at 90th globally 

Narco Saints

Narco-Saints” is a Netflix original series introduced at the end of 2022. The series gathered a stellar cast of the movie scene, including Ha Jung Woo, Hwang Jung Min, Park Hae Soo and Yoo Yeon Seok to tell a chilling story of an underground world headed by scary forces. The series hit 130 million hours of watching and ranked 90th in total of the platform’s series. 

Top 7: “Juvenile Justice” at 87th place globally 

Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice” revolves around a series of special cases of juvenile crimes. The twists and turns, the judge’s tolerance and decisiveness as well as the moral of the story sparked lively discussions across communities. The stellar cast headed by Kim Hye Soo garnered 134 million hours of watch-time and ranked 7th in the number of available series. 

Top 6: “Little Women” at 64th place globally 

little women

Little Women” featuring Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun and Park Ji Hu received 163 million hours of watch-time and landed at 64th place globally. The series follows the thrilling and gripping story of three close sisters against a shady wealthy family.

Top 5: “Twenty Five Twenty One” at 61st place 

Twenty Five Twenty One

Twenty Five, Twenty One” is a nice blend of sorrow and joy that manages to move the audience in 2022. The nostalgic air,the young cast’s rounded performance and thoroughly explored messages brought about a complete journey with a gripping effect on the audience. The series recorded 171 million hours of watch-time and ranked 61st place globally. 

Top 4: “Alchemy of Souls” at 41st place 

alchemy of souls thumbnail

Alchemy of Souls” starring Lee Jae Wook and Jung So Min earned an impressive watch-time of 240 million hours globally. The fantasy-themed story of young mages who can alter their fates with soul-switching kept the audience on the edge of their seat with fresh story, sophisticated VFX and CGI as well as a captivating young cast. 

Top 3: “Business Proposal” sat at 32nd place globally 

business proposal

Business Proposal” garnered 279 million of watch hours and ranked 32nd with humorous interactions and events and a no less compelling plot. The series grew in popularity with each passing episode and landed in the top 3 of the hottest Korean dramas on Netflix.

Top 2: “All Of Us Are Dead” landed at 9th place globally 

All Of Us Are Dead,

All Of Us Are Dead” is another successful Netflix original of 2022, starring a lineup of emerging cast including Yoon Chan Young, Park Ji Hoo, Lomon and Cho Yi Hyun. Compelling plot and thrilling twists created a success beyond expectations. With 660 million hours of watch-time, the series gracefully ranked 9th globally and is set for a second season. 

Top 1: “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” ended at 8th place globally 

extraordinary attorney woo

Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is a sensational series on Netflix this year. The drama follows a lawyer with autism spectrum disorder who overcomes many obstacles to prove herself competent in a professional environment. Despite airing in June, the drama remarkably recorded 660 million watching hours, ranking 8th place globally. 

Source: dienanh

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