Top 5 MVs of female solo Kpop artists with the most views on YouTube after 24 hours of release

The positions of 3 BLACKPINK members are surprising.

YouTube is the world’s most popular video-viewing platform. This is also where artists release new MVs; the number of MV views after 24 hours, in particular, reflects the artist’s reputation. Here are the top 5 female solo Kpop artist MVs with the most views in the first 24 hours.

1. LALISA – Lisa (BLACKPINK): 73.6 million views

As the most anticipated solo debut of the BLACKPINK members, Lisa became the hottest name when releasing the MV LALISA on September 10, 2021. As of September 14, YouTube Records updated the total number of views of the MVs in the 24 hours after its release. Lisa’s LALISA MV recorded 73.6 million views.

Lisa’s 73.6 million views help her not only to be at the top of Kpop but also to surpass Taylor Swift to be at the top of the world.  And this is also the fastest solo MV to reach 100 million views in Kpop, it took Lisa only 2.1 days to reach 100 million views and after 5 days, the MV has reached 131 million views.

2. On The Ground – Rosé (BLACKPINK): 41.6 million views

It seems like BLACKPINK’s Rosé is determined to make 2021 her year! Rosé debuted her much-awaited solo album, R, with its lead title track On The Ground. After the first 24 hours, the MV reached 41.6 million views and also held the top position until it was surpassed by MV LALISA.

Also, On The Ground achieved the most viewers on a solo artist’s music video for a YouTube Premiere with a whopping 1.2 million viewers on the MV’s premiere. Rosé’s debut product ranked 7th in the top 10 highest-viewed MVs in this format.

3. SOLO – Jennie (BLACKPINK): 16.1 million views

On November 12, 2018, Jennie officially released her first solo music product in her career called SOLOJennie made fans extremely surprised and proud because she completely changed both her image and music style in this solo debut. SOLO is considered to be Jennie’s successful and impressive debut. Notably, in just 24 hours of debuting as a solo artist, she became the artist who gained the most views for the debut MV with 16.1 million views until the day she was surpassed by Rosé.

SOLO earned a series of great achievements when it was first released, including reaching No. 1 on the Worldwide iTunes Song chart, monopolizing the No. 1 position on 6 major music charts in Korea, and achieving No. 1 top trending worldwide for 6 consecutive hours. Up to now, after nearly 3 years of release, SOLO has gained more than 11 million likes and more than 745 million views.

4. Eight – IU: 15.7 million views

MV Eight is a collaboration of IU and SUGA, released on May 6, 2020.  This is a digital single marking the return of the “digital music queen” since the album Love Poem (November 2019) and also the first time she collaborated with the rapper from the popular BTS group.

With a gentle, attractive melody and lively MV image, “Eight” has received a lot of support from netizens.  And after 24 hours, the MV has brought impressive achievements to IU such as reaching No.1 on 4 charts Melon, Genie, Bugs, Soribada;  becoming the 2nd Korean female soloist to reach No. 1 on US iTunes; occupying No.1 on iTunes in 61 countries and territories; and being the Korean female soloist to have No.1 on iTunes Song in the most countries and territories.

5. Gone – Rosé (BLACKPINK): 14.7 million views

After releasing the single album -R- and the MV for the title song “On The Ground” on March 12, Rosé released the MV for the other song on the album, “Gone” on April 4.  In the MV Gone, she also had more acting space when transforming into a girl who had just broken up. ‘

Although it did not receive enough views to surpass On The Ground, Gone was also in the top 5 of this chart. Rosé’s global reputation is partly demonstrated by the fact that her first two music videos have all received a lot of attention.

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