This NCT member cursed with his finger at the sasaeng fans who even went to the group’s dorm and bothered him

NCT members seemed to have been unable to hold back their anger at the excessive behavior of the sasaeng fans.

Numerous netizens are criticizing the harassing behavior of sasaeng fans and defending Yuta‘s behavior. The video was posted on YouTube Short on Jan 22nd. In the video, a person presumed to be Yuta got off the taxi and entered the place that appears to be their dorm. The atmosphere was full of mumbling voices as if the place was full of sasaeng fans filming Yuta.

NCT Yuta

After discovering the sasaengs, he told them to “get lost,” as if angry at those who violate his and his team’s privacy. It was an angry remark, but the sasaeng fans just laughed and said, “Xie xie (Thank you),” as if to laugh at him.

As if he couldn’t hold back his anger, he briefly cursed with his finger and entered the building. As soon as the video was released, among the netizens, there were voices criticizing such behavior from the sasaengs.

NCT Yuta

“He would be a living Buddha if he didn’t swear in that situation,” “It’s a crime to violate other people’s private life,” “How frustrating was it that he had to throw his finger like that?” “The fact that they cut the front and back situation and posted this video only to tell people to curse at him, but they got it wrong.” The video has become a hot potato with 40,000 likes and 2,800 comments.

Meanwhile, sasaeng fans are extreme fans who follow the privacy of celebrities such as singers, actors, and models engaged in K-pop and the Korean Wave, famous Internet influencers, and especially idols. Recently, the perception that no fandom wants to give them the title of a fan is spreading, and they are often called sasaeng to differentiate.

NCT Yuta
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