Kim So Yeon to make a cameo appearance in “Taxi Driver 2” final episode

Following Nam Goong Min, actress Kim So Yeon will also add strength to the success of “Taxi Driver 2”.

According to a report from Star News on March 21st, it has been confirmed that Kim So Yeon will make a special appearance in the final episode of SBS’s series “Taxi Driver 2”.

Kim So Yeon is known to play an important role in leading the flow of the drama with her character. The actress has reportedly finished the filming of her scenes.

kim so yeon

Earlier, “Taxi Driver 2” made headlines by reporting the news of Nam Goong Min showing up in episode 9 of the drama, which will air on the 24th, as “One Dollar Lawyer” Chun Ji Hoon. Since Lee Je Hoon has already made cameo appearances in two works starring Nam Goong Min, which are “Hot Stove League” and “One Dollar Lawyer”, Nam Goong Min also decided to repay Lee Je Hoon’s support with a cameo role in “Taxi Driver 2”.

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With the joining of Kim So Yeon, “Taxi Drivers 2” has successfully gathered Daesang winners of SBS Drama Awards. In particular, Nam Goong Min won Daesang at SBS Drama Awards in 2020 with “Hot Stove League”, and Kim So Yeon received the Daesang trophy with “Penthouse 3” in 2021.

Meanwhile, Kim So Yeon will greet viewers in tvN’s “Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938”, which is scheduled to premiere this year.

Source: Nate

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