TWICE Jihyo’s 17-year journey in the K-Pop scene: prettier visual as time goes by

Everyone knows TWICE has been through countless ups and downs to be able to stand tall as one of the representative K-Pop girl groups at the moment. And TWICE’s success now can’t be this big if Jihyo is not there as their leader. Jihyo has had to constantly improve herself while leading the group on the right path.

17 years in the entertainment industry, Jihyo’s beauty has aged so well.

In 2004, Jihyo was the runner-up of the Junior Naver competition for children and became a JYP trainee when she was only in 3rd grade. She has spent 10 years training and improving herself in the practice room, spending all her youth on the idol dream. Looking back at her 10 years as a trainee, fans are touched just by thinking about the hard time she has been through.

Jihyo’s pretty visual ever since she was a kid.
Jihyo won as the runner-up of a big competition before becoming a JYP trainee.
She spent all her youth practicing, waiting for her debut day.

In 2014, Jihyo was supposed to debut in a group project called 6MIX with Nayeon, Sana and Jeongyeon. However, due to many reasons, the group’s debut date has been continuously postponed.

Not giving up, Jihyo continued to pursue her chance to debut by participating in the survival show “SIXTEEN”. She has been through many hardships from the criticism regarding her chubby physique. She even thought of giving up on becoming an idol, but still, she continued to fight, and on July 7th, 2015, she became a member of TWICE.

Jihyo in “SIXTEEN”
She had shed tears sometimes, thinking about giving up.

Soon after, Jihyo officially debuted with TWICE as the leader and main vocal of the group. She finally has the chance to perform on stage and showcase her experienced skills.

Jihyo ranked 4th on “SIXTEEN” and debuted with TWICE.
She has been with TWICE for 7 years.

As the main vocal of TWICE, Jihyo has a strong vocal and great live-singing ability. She always shines on stage in her own ways. She has also improved her dancing skill, showcasing her strong and clean moves.

A main vocal with a strong and sentimental voice.
Her dancing skill is also highly appraised.

Not the eldest but Jihyo always takes care of her members. With such heavy responsibilities, Jihyo always tries her best not to affect the group, even when she was injured, she would not skip any group schedule.

Jihyo and her TWICE family.
Jihyo is friendly and warmhearted.

Even before her debut with TWICE, Jihyo was the face of a beauty brand for teens and some other brands.

Aside from that, TWICE is also a registered songwriter under the Korea Music Copyright Association and is one of the members who has written the most lyrics for TWICE. Thanks to her hard work, Jihyo’s net worth has reached about $1,5 million.


After 10 years of being a trainee and 7 years with TWICE, no one can deny Jihyo’s constant hard work towards music. Aside from her beauty which is constantly improving, she currently has a net worth of $1.5 million at the age of 25.

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