K-pop idols who are “obsessed” with BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK is one of the representative 3rd generation K-pop groups.

Thanks to their talent, beauty and success, YG Entertainment’s 4 beauties are role models that many people look up to. In addition, some Korean idols expressed their affection and wanted to start a conversation with BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK is loved by many idols.

Recently, a video recording the moment MOMOLAND and BLACKPINK sat next to each other at the 2018 Melon Music Awards suddenly became viral again. In particular, JooE, who wanted to talk to Jennie yet hesitated, looked a little tense, making people laugh. She was even criticized by some netizens who did not understand the situation at the time that she was glaring at her colleague.

JooE was misunderstood as glaring at Jennie, but actually she just wanted to start a conversation.

It was not until 2019 when she attended the 2019 Gaon Chart Music Awards that she had a chance to talk to BLACKPINK. At that time, she was extremely happy and polite when greeting Jisoo. However, her eyes were still faithful to Jennie.

Jisoo actively started a conversation with JooE.
However, she still kept her eyes on Jennie.
JooE even liked Jennie’s photos on Instagram.

Kazuha (LE SSERAFIM) also revealed that BLACKPINK was one of the motivations that helped her raise the dream of becoming an idol. Accordingly, she burst into tears at BLACKPINK’s concert.

le sserafim

Kazuha shared her feelings about BLACKPINK, “I fell in love with K-pop the moment I listened to BLACKPINK’s music for the first time. When I saw their performance with my own eyes, I was so impressed and moved that I burst into tears. Up to that point, I had watched a lot of ballet performances, but BLACKPINK’s performance was cool in a completely different way from ballet. That’s when I thought I wanted to be on stage too. BLACKPINK members are all very pretty, cool and charming, which made me feel like I wanted to be like them. Not the cute girl image, but a cool woman.”

Kazuha said she loves K-pop because she watches BLACKPINK.
BLACKPINK was one of the driving forces behind Kazuha’s debut.
She is now one of the most popular members in LE SSERAFIM.

Bangchan (Stray Kids) has a very good relationship with Lisa (BLACKPINK). Even in many live streams, the male idol excitedly showed off the gifts Lisa gave him. He also showed his “infatuation” by constantly moving to the rhythm while reacting to BLACKPINK’s music products.

Sooyoung (SNSD) is also “addicted” to YG Entertainment’s girls. In particular, when participating in the program Street Woman Fighter, the female idol introduced to fans that her makeup artist once did makeup for BLACKPINK. After that, Sooyoung joked, “Please make me look like BLACKPINK.” Besides, she shared that she loves BLACKPINK and often listens to their music.

sooyoung snsd
Sooyoung expressed her love for BLACKPINK.

The fact that many idols express their love for BLACKPINK makes fans extremely proud. Because of that, fans can feel how popular BLACKPINK is in the idol world.

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