This song has never won a weekly music show trophy but achieved Daesangs

This song kept ranking 2nd place on weekly music shows but helped its artist win the Grand Prize.

aespa is one of the most famous idol groups of this generation with many impressive achievements. Although this “monster rookie” girl group from SM has just debuted for 1 year, they have gained huge love from many fans and also proved their potential and presence in the fierce KPOP industry.

aespa Next Level
 “Monster rookie” aespa

2021 was a super successful year for aespa as the girls hit the jackpot with “Next Level” and “Savage”, the two songs that became viral beyond Korea. Especially, “Next Level” even helped aespa win the Daesang (Grand prize) at year-end award ceremonies. This SM’s girl group became the first KPOP group to earn both the Rookie of the Year award and Daesang at the same time. In particular, aespa was awarded 2 prestigious awards, which were the Daesang ‘Song of the Year’ at the Korean Music Awards and ‘Record of the Year’ at the Melon Music Awards.

aespa Next Level
Next Level – the mega-hit that brought aespa the Daesang trophy
aespa Next Level
aespa won Daesang Record of the Year at the 2021 MAMA with “Next Level”

Next Level is remade from the soundtrack of the “blockbuster” Fast and Furious but still has the typical color of a K-pop song. Initially, the song was considered “hard to listen to”, but with a modern and addictive melody, Nexl Level quickly won the hearts of the public, including the most demanding audiences.

However, netizens are extremely shocked since Next Level won a daesang, but the super hits of the 4 aespa girls have not received any trophy on music shows. But when considering the release of the song as the group had to confront BTS directly, netizens also gradually understood the reason.

aespa Next Level
Even though Next Level is excellent
aespa Next Level
but had to go up against BTS’ Butter

Netizens’ comments:

  • Oh my God. Really? They never got 1st place with ‘Next Level’?
  • ‘Next Level’ was the public’s pick at the time
  • Why? What songs were released at the same time as ‘Next Level’?
  • They didn’t get #1 on music shows, but they got Daesangㅋㅋㅋㅋ On music shows, the opponent and the timing are importantㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Did their comeback overlap with BTS’ comeback?
  • Why? BTS… I get it
  • If the opponent was BTS, I understand why

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