This female Kpop idol, who is called “Little Jun Ji Hyun”, impressed with her recent appearance

This girl group member born in 1999 boasted visuals so spectacular she’s compared to famous actress Jun Ji Hyun. 

On August 23rd, Kim Do Yeon (23), an actress and member of Kpop girl group Weki Meki, posted several behind-the-scenes photos of her pictorial on Instagram. 

As the muse of luxury watch brand Ferragamo Timepieces, Kim Do Yeon appeared in a photoshoot for fashion magazine Elle Korea. 

Here, the idol-actress exuded a chic charm with the concept of black and white, and showed off her charismatic figure with red lipsticks, while looking like an autumn goddess. 

On top of that, Kim Do Yeon’s stunning appearance, which allows her to perfectly complement all sorts of styling, from wavy hair to slicked back, earned the idol-actress the title of “Little Jun Ji Hyun”. 

kim doyeon

Seeing this pictorial, idol-actress Kim Se Jeong, couldn’t hold back her praise and commented: “Kim Do Yeon has always looked so beautiful.”

Kim Do Yeon first drew attention with her appearance in the Mnet survival show “Produce 101 season 1” and earned the 8th position in the final episode, earning the right to join the finalist group I.O.I. 

Afterwards, she worked as a member of I.O.I in 2016, alongside fellow member Choi Yoo Jung, who is from the same company. At the time, she was known for her long straight hair and sharp features reminiscent of Jun Ji Hyun

kim doyeon

In the following year, after the disbandment of I.O.I, Kim Do Yeon and Choi Yoo Jung re-debuted in the 8-member girl group Weki Meki. 

After her 2nd debut, Kim Do Yeon was selected as a model for Maybelline New York with her tall height of 173 cm, as well as her sophisticated and exotic visuals. She was also among the “8 fashionistas under 20” who received a love call from the headquarters of Vogue, a world-class fashion magazine.


In 2017, Kim Do Young made her acting debut, and since then has appeared in various works such as OCN’s “Short”, JTBC’s “Be Melodramatic”, and tvN’s “My Roommate Is a Gumiho”. She also played the younger version of Honey Lee in SBS hit drama “One The Woman” last year. 

Kim Do-yeon, who has excelled not only in dramas but also in entertainment, has released a reality program celebrating the 5th anniversary of her debut with Weki Meki members through the official Weki Meki YouTube channel.


In particular, Weki Meki’s reality show “Let’s go We&Me” adopts the concept of a healing journey  and consists of a total of two videos. .

On the other hand, Weki Meki released the 5th mini album ”I AM ME.” in November last year, in which the members actively participated in planning, writing lyrics, and composing.

weki meki

Weki Meki, who received great love from music fans for their title song “Siesta”, continue to be active in various fields, including musicals, dramas, entertainment shows, and OSTs.

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