“Bo-ra! Deborah” dating coach Yoo In Na will present a unique dating strategy that can “meet expectations and exceed predictions”

Yoo In Na will transform into a dating coach with a unique approach in “Bo-ra! Deborah”.

On March 8th, the production team of ENA’s new original series “Bo-ra! Deborah” (directed by Lee Tae Gon, Seo Min Jeong/ written by Ah Kyung), which will premiere on April 12th, released the first teaser video captivating viewers with the charismatic aura of the best dating coach Deborah (Yoo In Na), who has a slightly different approach to coaching love. 


“Bo-ra! Deborah” is a romantic comedy about the romance between dating coach Deborah, who believes that love requires strategy, and publishing planner Lee Soo Hyuk (Yoon Hyun Min), who believes that love requires authenticity. The story will depict ‘almost’ everything about a romantic relationship, from pushing and pulling to chewing, tearing, and tasting, and add realistic empathy that will stimulate viewers’ love cells.

Directed by Lee Tae Gon, who is known for his sensual and delicate directing style in “Mad for Each Other”, “The Fiery Priest”, and the “Age of Youth” series, and written by Ah Kyung, who was already recognized for her witty stories in “Mad for Each Other”, “Bo-ra! Deborah” is expected to be a well-crafted masterpiece. The synergy between Yoo In Na, Yoon Hyun Min, Ju Sang Wook, Hwang Chan Sung, and Park So Jin, who are all experts in romantic comedies, is also highly anticipated.

While the “twist poster” hinted at a sweet and sour romance, the first teaser video released earlier today, drew attention by showing Deborah’s confident aura. Deborah, who starts coaching with the phrase “Winning in dating? I’ll teach you a different approach”, raises viewers’ curiosity about everything related to love with her rule, “Meet expectations and exceed predictions. Remember, WINNER TAKES IT ALL”. 


Known as a rom-com goddess, Yoo In Na portrays the best dating coach Deborah, heralding another lifetime character in her career. Witty and honest, Deborah is a “love influencer” who possesses a “max-level” dating coaching skill and an author of a best-selling romance novel.

Although seeming to be an expert in love, this character is actually someone who can’t see one step ahead in their own love life and gets blindsided. Attention is focused on how the dynamic rematch to restore the pride of Deborah, a dating coach who has failed in love, will be portrayed.

Meanwhile, “Bo-ra! Deborah” will premiere on Wednesday, April 12th at 9 p.m.

Source: Daum

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