Kim Hyun-joong, different views on a child born out of wedlock and a biological child… The bitterness in the announcement of his wife’s pregnancy

The incident involving singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong from the group SS501 is considered one of the shocking incidents in the entertainment industry. Dating violence and verbal abuse, ex-girlfriend’s pregnancy and abortion, miscarriage and pregnancy again. He made a lot of noise by filing a paternity lawsuit. 

As time went by, Kim Hyun-joong met his other half who even covered the teardown. After five months of marriage, he even announced his wife’s pregnancy, creating a whole “family.”

On July 21, Kim Hyun-joong’s agency officially shared that Kim Hyun Joong’s wife is currently pregnant. The agency stated, “Kim Hyun Joong is presently cautiously waiting for a new life with gratitude and excitement” adding, “Since this news is to do with the actor’s private life, we politely ask you to refrain from excessive interest or speculation in consideration of the position of his wife who is a non-celebrity.” 

Kim Hyun-joong announced his wedding at a concert in February. At the time, he said, “I decided to walk with the person who stood by me during the most difficult times.”

Due to various circumstances, the wedding did not take place, only the marriage registration was registered. Kim Hyun-joong announced the pregnancy after 5 months of marriage. It is reported that his wife is in the middle of her pregnancy. 

This is not the first time Kim Hyun-joong has become a father. Kim Hyun-joong has already had his first son with his ex-girlfriend, Ms. A. This son is Kim Hyun-joong’s out of wedlock. However, the baby raised by Miss A and Kim Hyun-joong is rumored to be forbidden to see his son. He is now still doing the best he can for the first son, including paying child support.

In fact, Kim Hyun-joong continued a bitter fight with the child’s mother. The legal battle between the two sides began in August 2014, when Ms. A filed a lawsuit against Kim Hyun Joong for physical abuse that damaged her 6 ribs. The case ended after Kim Hyun Joong accepted to pay his ex-girlfriend 600 million won and an additional 5 million won fine for assault.

However, by 2015, Ms. A continued to accuse Kim Hyun Joong of beating her and asking Kim Hyun Joong to pay 1.6 billion won in compensation for the abuse that caused her to have a miscarriage. Kim Hyun-joong’s side also filed a counterclaim claiming 1.6 billion won for violating confidentiality obligations and distributing false information to the media even after receiving a settlement of 600 million won. Kim Hyun-joong’s side claimed, “Neither pregnancy nor miscarriage has been confirmed. There was no evidence of assault.”

His ex-girlfriend has also responded to these revelations. “I lived with Kim Hyun-joong for two years and I was pregnant five times,” she said. The conversation caused a stir in public opinion.

The problem is that her ex-girlfriend was still pregnant at the time. The ex-girlfriend claimed to be pregnant with Kim Hyun-joong’s child, and Kim Hyun-joong denied it. The actor said he would take responsibility if the child was his biological child. Kim Hyun-joong joined the army in 2105, and his ex-girlfriend gave birth to a son the same year. The paternity test revealed that the baby was Kim Hyun-joong’s son.

After 6 years of back-and-forth litigation, on November 12, 2020, the Seoul High Court issued the final ruling, ordering Kim Hyun-joong’s ex-girlfriend to pay him an amount of 100 million won. Ms. A must also pay damages for defaming the male singer.

“There were incidents and I had a lonely time again,” Kim Hyun-joong confessed that he was having a nightmare, saying, “I wondered if I could really live a failed life or be happy again.”

For him, what helps him overcome the pain is ‘love’. He met a like-minded person, got married and was about to have a baby. He may want to be blessed because he had a terrible lawsuit and emotional consumption with his ex-girlfriend. However, there will be no hesitation in praising Kim Hyun-joong, who has changed compared to 7 years ago. And it’s too bad that because of the fight with the baby’s mother, he and his first son may not be able to see each other forever.

Source: daum

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