(G)I-DLE flaunted charming looks in shocking lingerie outfits through new comeback concept photos

Girl group (G)I-DLE (Miyeon, Minnie, Soyeon, Yuqi, Shuhua) released their second concept image.

At midnight on October 2nd, (G)I-DLE’s official SNS account released Concept Image 2 – Act Ver. of the group’s 5th mini album “I Love”.

(G)I-DLE appeared in the released photo wearing unique lingerie outfits and posing with various heart-shaped objects, giving off a lovely yet charming atmosphere.

(G)I-DLE is stimulating netizens’ curiosity about their concepts and visuals that overturned expectations through each new content. Music fans are looking forward to seeing what kind of songs and performances the girl group will release and surprise them this time.

Source: nate

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