Seo Ji-yeon (Playing Sister) revealed her relationship with BTS’ talent rapper RM

Seo Ji-yeon, “BTS RM is my relative younger brother, we meet on a big holiday”

In the T-Cast E channel, ‘Playing Sister’, which was broadcast on July 6, Seo Ji-yeon, the Philippine major mixed martial arts URCC flyweight champion and the youngest champion, appeared.

On this day, when Seo Ji-yeon appeared, Jung Yu-in said, “Who did you resemble?” Se-ri Pak gave a hint by saying, “If you cover your eyes like this… there are some hot idols these days.”

Then, Yumi Han tilted her head when RM was mentioned. The unnies joked, “You don’t seem to know RM well,” and “Do you know that RM is Rap Monster?” Yumi Han explained, “I watched ‘Problematic Man’ regularly.”

Seo Ji-yeon replied, “RM and I are cousins. Sometimes we see each other once on a big holiday.” At this, the unnies admired over and over, saying, “They are cousins so they extremely resemble each other”.

Source: Nate

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