This female idol, whose group disbanded earlier this year, ended up moving to the company of actor Kim Min Jae

Another member of DIA reported good news after the group’s disbandment. 

Girl group DIA debuted in 2015 and gained huge love for their pure and girly concept. The group attracted much attention when some members appeared on Mnet’s “Produce 101” in 2016. 

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However, after several member changes, DIA failed to achieve significant results and decided to disband after 7 years and went separate ways last September, drawing great regret from fans. 

Jung Chae Yeon moved to a new agency after the group’s disbandment and raised expectations for her activities as an actress. Apart from Jung Chae Yeon, another member of DIA also delivered good news.

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On November 8th, YAMYAM Entertainment said, “We recently signed an exclusive contract with Yebin, who used to be a member of DIA. We’re glad to be with Yebin on her new beginning”.

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The agency continued, “We will provide full support so that Yebin can grow by showing her strengths and infinite abilities in various fields”, making fans look forward to Yebin’s future activities.

Lastly, they added, “We hope you will give generous support to Yebin and her new moves in the future”.

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Upon hearing the news, fans reacted, “I will able to see Yebin’s acting?”, “I feel so relieved that she can continue her activities”, “I’m looking forward to her”, etc.

Attention is focused on the wide range of activities that Yebin will show with her unrivaled skills when standing alone this time. 

Yebin DIA

Meanwhile, YAMYAM Entertainment is running a variety of multi-entertainment businesses, including album production, OST production, concert planning, as well as actors and singers management. Actor Kim Min Jae, singers Punch and Lee Bo Ram are under this company.

Yebin, who has become a new member of YAM YAM Entertainment family, was DIA’s main vocalist. She also proved her talent as a member of the project girl group UNI.T in 2018. Thanks to her outstanding appearance, husky voice, and stable singing skills, Yebin gained recognition as a singer with both perfect skills and beauty. 

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