From Lee Do Hyun to Song Kang, stars who work hard as enlistment approach

Several stars, including actors Kim Min Jae and Lee Do Hyun, are temporarily leaving fans’ side to fulfill their military duties.

On June 20th, Kang Seung Yoon, a member of boy group WINNER, entered the training center for active duty. After receiving basic military training for a certain period, Kang Seung Yoon is scheduled to serve in the army as an active soldier.

Respecting Kang Seung Yoon’s wish for a quiet enlistment, the process was carried out privately without any separate events.

kang seung yoon

Previously, YG Entertainment, the agency of Kang Seung Yoon, stated, “We respect Kang Seung Yoon’s wishes, and the place and time of his enlistment will be kept private. We kindly ask for your understanding that no separate event will be held on that day”, adding, “We would appreciate warm encouragement and love from everyone until Kang Seung Yoon fulfills his military duty and returns in good health.”

On the other hand, Kang Seung Yoon continued to be active until just before his enlistment by participating in the recording of Channel A’s “Heart Signal 4”. His post will be taken over by WINNER member Kim Jinwoo.

Lee Do Hyun, who has been gaining popularity from Netflix’s “The Glory” to JTBC’s “The Good Bad Mother”, is also enlisting soon. Although his exact enlistment date has not been announced, it is implied that the actor will certainly join the army within this year.

In particular, during the recent ending interview of “The Good Bad Mother”, Lee Do Hyun mentioned, “The exact enlistment date hasn’t been revealed, so I’m waiting.” He also expressed his thoughts, saying, “If you’re a man, you should go, and by going, you can experience many things.”

lee do hyun

The actor also said, “I don’t think there will be anything as helpful to an actor as military service. I want to show the appearance of a real man without boyishness. To do that, I think a lot of experience is necessary.”

Currently, Lee Do Hyun is preparing for his cinema debut through the movie “The Unearthed Grave”.

In April of this year, at the production presentation of SBS’s “Dr. Romantic 3”, news of Kim Min Jae‘s enlistment was also mentioned.

At that time, Han Suk Kyu made a surprise remark, saying, “During Season 1, I told Kim Min Jae to go to the military quickly, and now it’s already time for him to go. He said he would be enlisting in July”. 

Embarrassed, Kim Min Jae said, “It seems that ‘Dr. Romantic 3’ will be the last project in my 20s”, adding, “I was wondering how to say it. Thanks to senior’s words, it became a good opportunity. I will inform you again when the enlistment date is confirmed.”

Kim Min Jae

Later, in an interview after the conclusion of “Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu 3,” Kim Minjae mentioned, “I have received my enlistment warrant, but the date has not been confirmed yet. It is certain that I will go within this year. I love music, so I plan to apply for the military band. As of the moment, I still have no idea how things will go.”

Song Kang, who will be appearing in SBS’s “My Demon” (working title) and Netflix’s “Sweet Home 2” this year, is also a candidate for enlistment. It appears that Song Kang will enter the military as soon as his works are completed.

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In addition, actor Kim Min Kyu and VERIVERY member Dongheon are also preparing to enlist.

Source: Wikitree

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