NCT Lucas’ Weibo account suddenly made an update but what’s the truth?

Fans were thrilled to see Lucas’s new Weibo post, however, the truth then disappointed them. 

Last night, WayV and NCT fans were excited when they saw Lucas‘ Weibo account suddenly updating a new post. Although the purpose of this post is to provide updates on the activities of another NCT member – Winwin – this was still a positive sign for Lucas fans. Meanwhile, some days earlier, Lucas’s image also reappeared on the homepage of GUCCI in many countries.

nct lucas

However, fans were not happy for long since the post was deleted shortly after. The reason appears to be that both the Weibo accounts of Lucas and Winwin are managed by an SM staff and this person made a mistake when using Lucas’ account instead of Winwin’s one. 

In August 2021, the controversy over the personal relationships of NCT/WayV’s Lucas broke out as a shock to both the Korean and Chinese entertainment industries. Accordingly, the 1999-born male idol was accused of being involved in romantic relationships with many fans in both Korea and China, along with bad behaviors such as: cheating, taking advantage of, gaslighting his girlfriends, badmouthing TV shows and members of the same group, etc. Lucas then posted an apology letter and SM made an announcement to suspend all of the male idol’s activities. 

nct lucas

Recently, SMTOWN & STORE launched NCT’s merch ‘MY ARTIST CARD PACK’. This pack includes random photocards of the members, a photocard cover, and stickers with NCT members’ names. However, fans quickly realized that only 22 members’ names were printed on the sticker set. Lucas’s name is nowhere to be seen

nct lucas

These incidents made the fans extremely confused. They are now asking SM to quickly make an official announcement that Lucas is still an NCT member or not.

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