Song Kang, Lee Do Hyun and other popular actors in their 20s are working hard to prepare for their military service hiatus

Working enthusiastically without rest to film various projects beforehand is the way recent actors prepare for their military enlistment.

One of the biggest concerns for actors in their 20s who have begun to get lead roles in various projects is military enlistment. Rising stars who have recently received keen attention, such as Lee Do Hyun, Song Kang, and Kim Min Jae, are spending busier time than ever to minimize their military hiatus of 1 year and 6 months.

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Military service has a great impact on actors. Enlisting during their heyday can lead to significant changes in actors’ future activities. They must consider various scenarios, such as growing distance from the audience and image changes. Some have various other practical issues to consider, such as whether to maintain an exclusive contract with their agency and changes in appearance fees.

Therefore, actors who are about to enlist are working harder than ever. Unlike dramas in the past that were filmed and aired literally at the same time, pre-produced projects and broadcasting schedule adjustments have made it possible for actors to minimize their military hiatus. Actors and their agencies are trying to adjust the filming schedule of various works and ensure that new projects will be released continuously and steadily, even during their military service break, in order to maintain the actors’ connection with the audience.

Lee Do Hyun

Born in 1995, Lee Do Hyun, who played the male lead in Netflix’s drama “The Glory” released in March, will be enlisting this year. Making his face known to the public through “Hotel del Luna”, he later proved his presence and acting skills through successful roles, such as “18 Again”, “Sweet Home”, and “Youth of May”. By working with writer Kim Eun Sook and actress Song Hye Kyo in “The Glory”, Lee Do Hyun has solidified his filmography. With the military enlistment right ahead, the actor works restlessly and presents his next work – JTBC’s drama “The Good Bad Mother”. In addition, he is also preparing for the movie “The Unearthed Grave”. Lee Do Hyun, who has mainly starred in dramas, will work with many senior movie actors, such as Choi Min Sik, Kim Go Eun, and Yoo Hae Jin. Since this is his debut on the big screen, Lee Do Hyun is expected to leave a deep impression on viewers.

Song Kang

“Face genius” Song Kang was born in 1994 so he must also be prepared to join the army. After firmly imprinting his name in the industry with the romance genre through “Love Alarm”, “Nevertheless”, and “Forecasting Love and Weather”, Song Kang will introduce “My Demon” and “Sweet Home Seasons 2 & 3” this year. Fantasy romantic series “My Demon” stars energetic young stars Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung and features the story of a cursed heiress with enemies all around and a demon who lost his powers overnight living together. Moreover, Song Kang will greet viewers again through Season 2 and Season 3 of the 2020 hit drama “Sweet Home”.

Ong Seung-woo

Ong Seong Wu, who already joined the military on the 17th, also has set a lineup of upcoming works that he worked tirelessly on before his enlistment. He has already filmed the movies “Jung’s Ranch” and “Starlight Falls” and is also scheduled to meet viewers with the drama “Strong Woman Gang Nam Soon”. All of his prepared projects will constantly be unveiled during his hiatus of one and a half year.

kim min jae

Recently, the news of Kim Min Jae’s enlistment was also reported at the press conference for “Dr. Romantic 3”. Born in 1997, the young actor decided to serve military service early. He confessed, “I think ‘Dr. Romantic 3’ will be the last project I do in my 20s”. 

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Actor Park Jin Young, also known as a member of the boy group GOT7, will be enlisting in May. Right after then his new drama “The Witch” and movie “Hi.5” will premiere. Having firmly established himself as an actor after debuting as an idol, Jin Young plans to meet viewers continuously even during his military hiatus.

Even when an actor is serving in the military, their agency continues to work hard. Since drama production periods are becoming longer, agencies are currently considering the script for the actors’ next projects so that they can return to work as soon as they get discharged. Many actors have reportedly reviewed new casting offers even before their official enlistment.

According to a broadcasting official, “Choosing a script after discharge can result in the actual broadcast being delayed by one to two years, so we are trying to adjust the schedule as much as possible to minimize any gaps in the actors’ works.”

Source: Naver

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