This celebrity got bullied during her high school days because she was so pretty 

EXID’s Hani once told the story of when she was bullied during her high school days.

Singer-actress Hani, who debuted as the lead vocalist of the girl group EXID in 2012, is known to have been a trainee under JYP Entertainment when she was in high school.


Hani almost made her debut in a girl group formed by JYP together with Sistar Hyolyn and Secret Song Ji-eun but she went through a painful past that made her drop out of school. After then, she went to China to continue her study. As Hani wanted to see the limit of her potential, she took a new challenge again and eventually became a member of EXID.


Appearing on a variety show, Hani talked about the hard times she had during her school days and when she was suspected of undergoing plastic surgery. The female singer once made headlines when she shared, “When I was a student, the bullies always stopped me from entering the classroom. They wrote things like, ‘I can see you put chalk in your nose’ on my desk. They also called me ‘plastic surgery monster’”. 


Meanwhile, Hani is well-known as the main character of the “Up & Down” fancam that went viral and helped her group climb backward on music charts. 


Regarding the sudden situation of EXID rising to the top spots on charts and gaining huge popularity, Hani once confessed, “I feel like I just received a present that was not supposed to be mine”. She added, “I couldn’t allow myself to open the gift because I was afraid that be taken away and thought I was just waiting for the day it (the popularity that was like a gift from Santa Claus) is taken back”, drawing attention.

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