Agency responds to the fake news of Kim Yu Na and Ko Woo Rim’s divorce, “Fake news = social evil… We’ll take strict legal action”

On February 16th, the CEO of Kim Yu Na’s agency All That Sports Corp. stated, “Fake news related to Kim Yu Na and her husband has been continuously uploaded and spread through Youtube”, adding “We will take strict legal action against Youtuber and those who spread fake news and false information that caused Kim Yu Na and her husband to suffer defamation.”

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They criticized, “Under the pretext of freedom of expression, fake news is spreading rapidly like poisonous mushrooms targeting not only celebrities but also sports stars”, adding “It is true that there is the freedom of expression, but this action is obviously a crime and a social evil that is ruining our society”.

The agency emphasized, “If fake news continues to be mass-produced, not only celebrities but ordinary people in our society may become victims. We need to react strongly to fake news in order to eradicate it and come up with a pan-social institutional measure to this issue.”

A video clip on Youtube recently gained attention as it spread the news of Kim Yu Na and Ko Woo Rim’s divorce. In particular, the Youtuber claimed that it was because of Ko Woo Rim’s affair and created a detailed story. However, it turned out to be fake news.

Meanwhile, Kim Yu Na married Forestella member Ko Woo Rim in October last year.

Source: daum

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