This actor from “Our Beloved Summer” recently announced good news that is worth being congratulated for

Actor Roh Jung-eui, a former child actor, is walking on a solid career path. 

Citing sources in the film industry, Star News said on Jan 26th that Roh Jung-eui has decided to appear in the movie “The Wilderness (working title)” with actors Lee Joon-young and Ma Dong-seok and is discussing the details with the production team.

The Wilderness” is a tentative title of a movie known as the sequel movie of “Concrete Utopia” which shares a worldview with “Concrete Utopia.” Based on Kim Sung-nyung‘s webtoon “Pleasant Bullying“’s part 2 called “Pleasant Neighbors,” the work depicts what happens when people flock to the only remaining apartment building called “Imperial Palace Apartment” in a situation where almost everywhere in Seoul is ruined.

The Wilderness”, starring Roh Jung-eui, is expected to portray the worldview a long time after the story of “Concrete Utopia”. She will play an important role in leading the story in “The Wilderness”.

Roh Jung-eui

Meanwhile, Roh Jung-eui played the role of idol NJ in the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Our Beloved Summer,” which ended after 16 episodes on Jan 25th.

Herald Pop released an interview with Roh Jung-eui on Jan 26th. She confessed, “I had to bleach my hair to look extravagant, so I did it once every two weeks. I was grateful that the viewers said it looked good on me.”


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