The story of a undisclosed “Top star A” approaching “Actress B” broke the Internet, netizen took closer look at long-term celebrity couples 

The “Top star” is said to have already been in a long-term relationship when the star contacted “Actress B”. 

Recently, the women’s magazine “Woman Sense” reported the news, “Top star A contacted new actress B to inquire about her phone number and got dumped.”

According to reports, top star A sent an Instagram direct message (DM) to new actress B, saying, “I want to meet you once. I’ll be waiting for your call,” wrote the top star. However, B replied, “Who are you?” only after A sent DMs several times.

top star a

Afterwards, A found out B’s phone number and said, “Do you have a boyfriend? Would you like to meet me?”, to which B responded, “I don’t want to, I don’t want to be with an old man”. 

Notably, A was known to be a top star who has been dating publicly for a long time, causing shock for his suspicious actions.

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“Woman Sense” magazine claimed that B was a new actress who had both an innocent and sexy charm and was considered the No. 1 casting choice regardless of filming projects such as movies, dramas or advertisements.

As the report has been circulated again, Internet users are paying keen attention to the long-lived couples in the entertainment industry.

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