K-drama “Pinocchio” will have a Chinese remake, starring Bai Jingting and Zhang Ruonan?

Rumors about a Chinese version of famous K-drama “Pinocchio” are spreading on SNS platform Weibo.

Recently, Chinese social media platforms have been filled with rumors that the famous K-drama “Pinocchio”, which starred Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye, will be getting a Chinese adaptation. In particular, these rumors stated that Chinese actor Bai Jingting will take on Lee Jong Suk’s role of Choi Dal Po, while Chinese actress Zhang Ruonan will assume Park Shin Hye’s role of Choi In Ha. There are also gossips that the 2nd male lead will be played by INTO1 member Daniel Zhou.

Pinnochio Chinese version

The K-drama “Pinocchio” aired in 2014, and immediately drew attention for its interesting spotlight and insight into the world of reporters. However, as “Pinocchio” digs into a lot of political issues, Chinese netizens are worrying that the Chinese remake will face a lot of censorship and script changes. In addition, it will be hard to surpass the outstanding chemistry and performances of Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye, they stated. 

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