The story behind the CF that Han Ga In filmed in the past (Greek Roman Myth)

Han Ga In belatedly learned the meaning of the CF that she filmed in the past.

On the May 11th broadcast of MBN’s “Greek Roman Myth: The Private Life of the Gods 2”, people talked about the CF that Han Ga In filmed in the past.

Han Ga In

A story about Hermes came out. Han Ga In was curious about the wings on Hermes’ head and feet, and Dr. Kim Heon said that there is a place in Korea that uses Hermes’ wings as their logo.

Docent Lee Chang Yong mentioned, “Jun Ji Hyun filmed a CF for this place 20 years ago.” Surprised by this, Han Ga In shared, “I also filmed a CF for them before. At that time, I didn’t know why the wings were attached. I thought it was just because they were pretty.”

Han Ga In

Meanwhile, Seol Min Seok said that Hermes, who was born in a cave, won the heart of his father Zeus, stimulated Hera’s motherhood with his unique wisdom and acting skills, and became one of the 12 gods of Olympus. Afterwards, Hermes worked as a chief secretary by solving all of Zeus’ behind-the-scenes issues.

Seol Min Seok explained, “After becoming an adult, Hermes also fell in love. It is Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty. Zeus studied ways to help Hermes and came up with an extraordinary way.”

Han Ga In

Zeus ordered an eagle to steal Aphrodite’s shoes and suggested a date in return for the shoes. Aphrodite thought she would date Zeus, but Hermes showed up.

Hermes confessed that he fell in love with Aphrodite at first sight, but turned around, saying, “I don’t think we should meet like this.” At that time, Aphrodite saw Hermes’ charm. Hermes and Aphrodite eventually fell in love.

Source: Daum

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