Jung Il Hoon attended the first appeal trial in a prison uniform

Jung Il Hoon, who was imprisoned for charges of purchasing and using marijuana, attended the first trial for his appeal today.

Jung Il Hoon

On September 2, the first appeal trial of Jung Il Hoon (former BTOB member), who was handed over to trial on charges of managing drugs, was held at the Seoul High Court of Criminal Affairs Division 13.

In the previous trial, Jung Il Hoon was sentenced to prison. Then he filed an appeal. Therefore, the second trial was held with the attendance of 7 other defendants who were handed over on the same charge.

Jung Il Hoon, who was wearing his prison uniform, sat on the defendant’s seat with a gloomy face. He answered the judge: “I’m a celebrity and had been doing activities as a singer”. Among the audience, except for the defendants’ families and acquaintances, there were people who seemed to be Jung Il Hoon’s fans, so the judge didn’t ask him to confirm his full address.

Prior to the appeal, from July 9 to September 2, Jung Il Hoon had summited 38 apology letters to the court to express his manner of self-reflection. Jung Il Hoon’s legal representative explained the reason for his appeal: Jung Il Hoon and other composers, who were his conspirators, had amitted their faults in the previous trial. However, there are actually 4 to 7 miscalculations on the actual number of times they purchased and smoked cannabis. Therefore, we want the court to re-judge the additional fine. In general, we want to say that the sentence is unfair.”

Jung Ilhoon and the other defendants were brought to trial for suspicions of purchasing and smoking 826 grams of marijuana together using approximately 130 million won across 161 instances between July 5, 2016, and January 9, 2019. During the first trial, the court sentenced him to 2 years in prison: “His crime is serious because he did purchase drugs in large quantities for a long time and also used cryptocurrency to avoid being found out.”

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