Lee Dong-wook to turn into a nine-tailed fox again.. The cast of ‘Gumiho 1938’ confirmed

Actor Lee Dong-wook returns with ‘Gumiho 1938’.

On the 3rd, Lee Dong-wook‘s agency King Kong by Starship said, “After Lee Dong-wook’s much loved ‘Gumiho’, he will appear as Lee Yeon in tvN’s new drama ‘Gumiho 1938’ (directed by Kang Shin-hyo, written by Han Woo-ri). Please look forward to the new return of Lee Dong-wook’s nine tail fox.”

Gumiho 1938’ is an action drama played by Lee Yeon (Lee Dong-wook), a nine-tailed fox who crash-landed in an era of chaos in 1938. Based on an original worldview that exquisitely weaves indigenous gods and native ghosts, the story unfolds with dynamic action and more colorful characters than fairy tales. Here, there is a lot of interest in the reunion of director Kang Shin-hyo and writer Han Woo-ri, who showed the power of the well-made complex genre.

Lee Dong-wook

Lee Dong-wook is expected to play a Lee Yeon Gumiho, who has everything from beauty, intelligence, and strength. Lee Yeon had a happy ending with Nam Ji-ah, his “forever first love,” but was summoned to 1938 when he was caught up in an unexpected incident. He plans to unravel the tangled story of his half-brother Lee Rang (Kim Beom), longtime friends Ryu Hong-Ju (Kim So-Yeon), and Cheon Mu-Young (Ryu Kyung-Soo), who are reunited there. Following last season, which captivated viewers with romance, action and fantasy, expectations are already high on what Lee Dong-wook will portray again.

Lee Dong-wook

Lee Dong-wook has shown an endless spectrum of acting through various works such as romantic comedies, medical, fantasy, and thrillers. tvN’s “Bad and Crazy“, which just ended, also received rave reviews for Lee Dong Wook. Attention is focused on the story of ‘K-Fantasy’ and the nine-tailed fox ‘Lee Yeon’, which will be presented by Lee Dong-wook.

Lee Dong Wook

tvN’s new drama “Gumiho 1938“, starring Lee Dong-wook, Kim So-yeon, Kim Bum, and Ryu Kyung-soo, is scheduled to air in 2023.


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