Netizens criticized EXO Lay as he conducted a history test about “the Communist Party” for fans during his birthday live broadcast

EXO Lay tested his fans about the history of the Chinese Communist Party.

On October 6th, Lay asked fans some questions about the Communist Party during a birthday live broadcast. He asked 16 questions in total, including “When and where the Communist Party was founded?” and “What does the logo of the Communist Party mean?”

exo lay

A netizen responded, “I have never answered such questions about the Communist Party this seriously, even in class. My roommate was really surprised.” Another netizen also commented, “This is the first time I have seen a celebrity holding an event like this”.

exo lay

Some people criticized Lay, “Lay just took advantage of the national pride and pretended to do that”. Meanwhile his fans defended him, “He only inspired his fans with positive energy.”

The wave of Chinese celebrities who are currently active in Korea but promote the pro-China move has not ended yet.

In March, famous stars, such as Lay, WJSN Chiengxiao, Meiqi and Xuanyi, Everglow Yiren, etc. uploaded posts on their Weibo with the title “I support Xinjiang cotton”

exo lay

In July, Lay, Chiengxiao, Meiqi, Xuanyi, GOT7 Jackson, NCT Renjun and Chenle, (G)-IDLE Yuqi, etc. posted their congratulations for the 100th anniversary of the founding of Chinese Communist Party.

In addition, Canadian singer Henry, whose father is a Hong Kong and mother is Taiwanese, was recently criticized for wearing a mask with a design of the Chinese flag.

In response, Korean netizens criticized these idols, saying, “If the case turns out like this, then go back to your country”, “If you want to work in Korea, please care about Korea, too”, “Why should we use Korea’s capitalism and influence to make those Chinese, who support “the Northeast Project”, globally famous stars?”

Source: insight

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