(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua causes controversy over the photo she took while defecating

(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua is drawing attention as she took a proof shot while defecating.

Various articles about Shuhua’s proof shot of when she was defecating were recently posted on various online communities.


According to netizens, Shuhua took a photo of her feet on the floor of the bathroom and sent it through the private message platform “Universe” along with the caption, “I’m defecating at the moment”.


Shuhua’s post aroused netizens’ arguments. Some people responded, “What’s wrong? She didn’t really take photos of faeces”, “Is there any problem with this post?”, “Only those who paid for Universe can see the post. What’s wrong?”, “Isn’t she just being friendly and close to her fans?”, etc.


However, others expressed the opposite opinion, saying, “Honestly, I was a little shocked”, “Why did she take and post such a picture?”, “I think she’s a little childish”, “She shouldn’t have posted it”, “So disgusting”, “This broke all of my fantasies about idols”, etc. 

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