Strangely enough, these 3 Korean stars had their beauty promoted thanks to weight gain

Every time they gain weight, their visuals are greatly enhanced!

Many Korean stars have many times surprised the audience because of their thin bodies, most of which is because of sacrificing for the role, but others are due to the harsh beauty and weight loss process. Perhaps that’s why when these Korean stars gained weight, they received countless compliments from viewers for both their visuals and outstanding physique.

1. UEE

UEE is one of the most successful idol-turned actresses of the Korea entertainment industry. However, her skinny body in the movie Manhole is very alarming, but the recent re-appearance of the idol-actress in Ghost Doctor was relatively successful when her appearance was fit again.

2. Ahn Hyo Seop

Before becoming the CEO in A Business Proposal, few people know that Ahn Hyo Seop was once so skinny in Still 17. Even in this super product, the guy’s beauty was “ignored” by the audience. However, thanks to gaining weight and taking care of his appearance, Ahn Hyo Seop has made a spectacular makeover since the drama Abyss and quickly reached the top of the national male god of the Korean film industry.

3. Yoona

Despite possessing a beauty that is loved by many, Yoona has a slim, thin body that makes fans startled many times seeing it. That’s why every time she gains weight, Yoona receives many compliments from the media. For example, when she starred in The K2, because her appearance was too thin, Yoona was even somewhat overwhelmed by the supporting female. Until recent works like Exit or The Miracle, Yoona‘s figure shines more and more as she has gained more weight.

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