(G)I-DLE’s Soojin was accused of being ‘iljin’ by another classmate

The situation became more and more negative for Soojin as she was entangled in many accusations

On March 17, an article titled “I will expose the atrocities I have witnessed” was posted on the online community, the author, called ‘F’, claims to be a former student at the same secondary school with Soojin.

The author argued: “The reason Soojin is a standout kid at school is because she’s iljin (the bully).” This person asserted that what victim A said was true. ‘F’ stated: “Seeing the testimonies about the padded jacket on Twitter, the unni who was a victim of the juice incident, and the direct message victim, I thought the perpetrator would for sure admit guilt, apologize, and resolve it. However, I saw what the victim of the juice incident said in news articles. I got angry, and seeing the perpetrators malicious fans, I decided to gain courage and leave my testimony.”

‘F’ also alleged an unofficial school violence committee meeting was called for Soojin and her group of friends.

‘F’ also told the story of Soojin cursing a student in charge of serving food in the cafeteria for giving food slowly; and Soojin shot her with a water gun, making this person extremely struggling even though the two did not know each other.

On the same afternoon, Cube spoke up about this issue. Accordingly, Cube Entertainment interviewed with News1 “It is a one-sided story of people who identify themselves as victims, and it is not true. We will provide legal response to the indiscriminate spread of false information. “

Soojin is currently on hiatus after the recent school bullying controversy.

Source: Allkpop

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