(G)I-DLE Jeon So Yeon was hospitalized during the filming of “Produce 101”, “I got an unknown pain, but I couldn’t say it”

(G)I-DLE Jeon So Yeon recalled an unforgettable moment in her idol life.

On May 26th, COSMOPOLITAN uploaded a video titled “Leader Soyeon who makes you fall in love with (G)I-DLE. We can say it now?! Soyeon’s crisis story throughout her 6 years of being an idol?”.


Jeon So Yeon spent time answering various questions. In particular, she revealed an unforgettable moment during her six-year idol career starting from Mnet’s “Produce 101”.

She said, “I had to go on the stage to perform ‘Turtle Ship’ during ‘Produce 101’. But it hurt so much. I don’t know why but it hurt when I was going up the stairs.”


She added, “I was taken to the hospital after then. When they zoomed in on my face, I got cold sweat. I couldn’t confess it, and could only say, ‘I felt a little sick’. Since it already happened a long time ago, and now I can say about it.”

In addition, Jeon So Yeon, who used to perform at the League of Legends World Championship (LOL World Cup), recalled the memories, saying “It was great meeting my 3D friend for the first time”.


She continued, “It was really challenging to perform with people who were not visible in front of my eyes and were processed as CG effect. It was very hard to shoot it and perform, but it was really interesting. I participated three times. I might have been the one who participated in the LOL Cup for the most time”, adding “I only use the character Akali when I actually play the game.”

Source: Nate 

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