BTS Jungkook’s livestream watched by 11 million people, “I’ve been enjoying Seventeen’s show. I filmed Super Challenge”

BTS Jungkook’s personal Weverse live broadcast surpassed 11 million viewers, proving his explosive popularity.

On May 25th, Jungkook turned on a live broadcast on the fan community Weverse under the title “Knock Knock…”.

Jungkook said, “I haven’t been doing livestream lately, so I came and turned this late-night live because I missed you all”. Delivering his whereabouts, he said, “These days, I’ve been taking care of myself by working out and doing Pilates.”

Jungkook continued, “When I was bored, I watched ‘Going Seventeen’ on Youtube and it was so funny. Mingyu ah… Myungho ah… Dokyeom ah… Seungkwan ah, you guys are so funny. I’m enjoying ‘Going Seventeen~”, revealing that he has been into Seventeen’s program and showing off their friendship.


He shared, “While working out with Jun at the company’s gym, I suddenly asked him to teach me the dance of ‘Super’”. Jungkook danced to Super Challenge and said, “Mingyu asked me to film a challenge video. I filmed it but he has not contacted me yet.”

Especially whenever Jungkook turns on live broadcasts, he would always sing for his fans. The male idol shared, “I was watching TikTok and… Do you guys know the song ‘NIGHT DANCER’ by Imase? I’ve been listening to this song. It keeps playing in my head, even when I go to bed.” 

Later, Jungkook showcased his amazing live singing skills, captivating viewers with his low and high notes, enchanting and sweet ballads, as well as powerful rap verses. He performed various songs, including Taeyang’s “Seed”, Seventeen’s “Super”, and Fifty Fifty’s “Cupid”. Jungkook pleased viewers’ ears with his unique vocal as well as his perfect sense of pitch, rhythm, and groove.


Jungkook also said he wanted to cover Charlie Puth’s “That’s Not How This Works (ft. Dan + Shay),” raising fans’ anticipation. He humorously shared, “Recently, I tried making ‘Aron-gate Jeongol’ (a type of hot pot). It was amazingly delicious. I love cooking, but I think I’ll gain weight because I have to eat them all.” Jungkook gave some witty talks and generously shared his recipes, showcasing his charm as “Chef Jungkook”.

In addition, he commented, “I saw Sim Hyung Tak’s wife. She kinda resembles me”


The livestream hosted by Jungkook received heated responses as it recorded more than 11 million viewers. 

After the broadcast, five Jungkook-related keywords, including ‘JUNGKOOK LIVE’, ‘JUNGKOOK’, ‘JUNGKOOK CAME HOME’, ‘JEON JUNGKOOK’, ‘THANKS FOR COMING JUNGKOOK’, rose to the worldwide top trending. Other keywords, such as ‘Jeon Jung Kook Super’, ‘Jung Kook (in Japanese)’, ‘JK Live’, also appeared on Twitter real-time trending in 161 countries. In addition, ‘Jungkook’ even topped Yahoo Japan’s real-time trending, certifying his overwhelming global popularity. 

Source: Nate

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