The similarities and differences in Song Joong Ki’s words to his two partners, Song Hye Kyo and Katy Louise Saunders 

The vows showed Song Joong Ki’s different attitudes to the two different women. 

At the end of 2022, Song Joong Ki left his fans speechless by going public with former actress Katy Louise Saunders. After 1 months, he continued the surprise by announcing his marriage and his first child with Saunders. No new information about the wedding has been revealed but netizens are talking about the actor’s remarriage decision. At the same time, the public are also paying extra attention to his ex-wife, Song Hye Kyo, as well as his vows to the two different women. 

An oodly similar wedding vow

During the “Wedding of the Century,” Song Joong Ki expressed his wishes to go through the ups and downs in life with Song Hye Kyo: “I vow to take Song Hye Kyo as my wife. We have come to walk the same path that people worldwide have walked before us. At times it’ll rain, winds will blow and we may trip over obstacles. But over time, we will bravely get up again by holding each others’ hand. We’ll playfully smile at each other and say ‘It’s not a big deal.’ We’ll learn to continue walking even more firmly and bravely.” 

song joong ki song hye kyo
Song Joong Ki’s wedding vow to Song Hye Kyo moved everyone with his most cherishing words 

Moreover, Song Joong Ki promised to spend the rest of his life with Song Hye Kyo and because his partner was Song Hye Kyo that Song Joong Ki decided to spend the rest of his life with her. Unfortunately, 2 years after the marriage, the couple filed for a divorce and were caught in a series of controversies. 

Full House Korean cast
Nonetheless, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s marriage did not last long 

In his letter to announce marriage with Katy Louise Saunders, the actor wrote: “I want to share a promise that is more happy and valuable to me than anything. I have promised to continue life together with Katy Louise Saunders, who has been by my side supporting me and who I have spent valuable time with while cherishing each other.”

song joong ki rumor girlfriend
The promise to “continue life together” once again appeared in Song Joong Ki’s marriage announcement letter 

The major differences 

While he wished for a lasting marriage in both weddings, it is clear how each turns out. In his short-lived married life with Song Hye Kyo, the Song-Song couple parted ways in 2019 at the shock of fans and the public. Afterwards, he found new happiness with Katy Louise Saunders and decided to get married while Song Hye Kyo was still leading a single life and focusing on her career. 

song hye kyo
Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki has gone on separate ways. The actor has found new happiness whereas the actress is busy with her career as ever 

Moreover, Song Joong Ki’s ways to describe his partners also drew attention. When he made his vows to Song Hye Kyo, actor Song used the most lyrical words to describe her as a “beautiful” and “profound” woman with many virtues and he learnt a lot from her. The praise showed how much the “Descendants of the Sun” star adored his wife at the time. 

song joong ki
Song Joong Ki admired Song Hye Kyo so much that he did not hold back any praise for her 

However, in his praise for Katy, he described her as “a sensible person.” Previously, Song Joong Ki shared: “My favorite female style is a woman who has sense.” It’s safe to say that Katy is the woman of his dream and he is not hesitant to “show” her to the world. 

song joong ki Katy Louise Saunders thumbnail
According to past talks, Katy is Song Joong Ki’s ideal woman. The actor could not hide his pride when he announced marraige and was getting ready to welcome his first child 

Source: Dispatch, Twitter

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