On this day 2 years ago, millions of people were shocked when Song Joong Ki filed for divorce Song Hye Kyo

The love story that seemed to be forever of Song Joong Ki – Song Hye Kyo officially ended on June 27, 2019.

Song Hye KyoSong Joong Ki seemed like an inseparable couple, but after less than 2 years of marriage, the couple divorced in shock of the public.  Song – Song started dating after co-starring Descendants of the Sun and married a “wedding of the century” that took place in October 2017.  

But then on a normal day like any other, the couple broke up because of a statement by Song Joong Ki.  On this day (June 27) 2 years ago, Song Joong Ki filed for divorce Song Hye Kyo. The Asian public could not believe that the couple that many admirers had officially broken up. 

Song Joong Ki was the one who filed for divorce first, and through his lawyer, he announced, “First of all, I want to apologize to the people who love and support me for bringing bad news. I am in the process of consenting to divorce Song Hye Kyo.” The actor did not reveal the reason, “Because this is a personal matter, it is difficult to talk in detail. I hope everyone understands. In the future, I will overcome this pain, continue acting, and make up for the audience with good works”.

Song Joong Ki’s statement raised a series of suspicions that Song Hye Kyo was at fault because her husband had filed for divorce first.  Many netizens speculated that the reason was that Song Hye Kyo had an affair with the two’s close friend, Park Bo Gum. Immediately, Park Bo Gum denied this allegation, but rumors still surrounded and raged on social networks for a long time.  So far, the exact reason for Song – Song’s divorce has not been revealed.

How are they now?

Time flies, now both Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo have calmed down and returned to work.  Song Joong Ki has just completed the role in the blockbuster Vincenzo and received a lot of praise for his acting ability and attractive visuals.

Song Hye Kyo is a face sought after by a series of magazines and brands, and now she is in the process of filming a new movie Now, We Are Breaking Up after 2 years of stopping acting.

Regarding the love story, Song Joong Ki was “shipped” with his co-star Jeon Yeo Bin. Meanwhile, his ex-wife was constantly entangled in rumors of re-falling in love with Hyun Bin, or a rich Hong Kong man, but these rumors were all denied.  

Song Joong Ki is rumored to be in love relationship with his co-star in Vincenzo
Song Hye Kyo is still stunning beautiful at the age of 40

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