The question that has not been answered for the past 2 years: Did RM (BTS) and Na Yeon (Twice) high five at that time?

Netizens recently released an analysis of a video from 2 years ago to find the answer to the question of whether RM and Na Yeon did a high five at the time.

A topic about RM and Na Yeon is being discussed on Pann Nate.  Net users “dug” a video recording the moment of the BTS and Twice members sharing the same frame.  This is a cut of the fancam at the Seoul Music Awards in January 2019. When the show ended, the groups walked around the stage to greet the fans.  Fans caught RM and Na Yeon approaching each other’s standing positions, turning to raise their hands as if they were high five.  However, this detail is difficult to determine precisely because their hands were covered by Cha Eun Woo (ASTRO) and J-Hope (BTS).

Some people think that RM and Na Yeon might have high five, or waved to each other.  Some other thought that RM patted Na Yeon on the shoulder.  Thus, many fans expressed interest in the lovely friendship between the two top famous Kpop idols.

However, others said that this was not a direct interaction of RM and Na Yeon, but only because the angle of the camera made fans misunderstand.  Many people explained that Na Yeon raised her hand to wave to fans on the left side, and RM also greeted fans on the right side. The two of them might accidentally stand so close to each other at this moment that it looked like they were high-fived.  In fact, RM and Na Yeon used to go to the same high school, but many fans thought that their relationship is not close enough to comfortably interact like that.

Some commented: “Honestly, I don’t think they’re high five. They’re greeting fans from different sides”;  “They’re greeting fans and just passing each other”;  “Na Yeon and RM know each other, so it’s normal for them to greet each other”; “I think it’s not a high five but RM pats Na Yeon on the shoulder to greet her”;  “I don’t care if they high-five. But Na Yeon and RM are old classmates so it’s normal if this happens”; “If you slow the video, RM obviously passed by Na Yeon, and she just greeted the fan on the other side”…

RM and Na Yeon both used to go to Apgujeong High School in Gangnam, but they went to different grades (RM was born in 1994, Na Yeon was born in 1995).
The two know each other, and once had a funny “similar” moment on a variety show.
Twice and BTS used to have many face-to-face interactions.

Source: tinnhac

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