SEVENTEEN member got his parents to do dance challenge, netizens stunned

The parents of this SEVENTEEN member excels at a dance challenge, taking everyone by surprise. 

On May 5th, a video of SEVENTEEN Dino participating in the “Super” dance challenge for SEVENTEEN’s new song was uploaded to the group’s official YouTube channel.


In the video, Dino can be seen dancing to the choreography of “Super” with his parents, who were dressed stylishly in denim. Usually, challenge videos are shot with other K-pop idols and celebrities. However, Dino chose to create the video with his parents as a special gesture.


As a main dancer of SEVENTEEN, Dino showcased his exceptional dancing skills. Meanwhile, the dancing skills of his mother and father also captured everyone’s attention. Both of them displayed age-defying flexibility and powerful moves, eliciting admiration from viewers.

Netizens who watched the video cannot help but express admiration, leaving comments such as, “Wow, they dance so well”, “What are these genes”, “Now I know why Dino dances so well”, “Real dancers”, “Talent must be inherited”, “The form is insane”, “So touching”, “Why am I tearing up”, and “How happy they must be that their son achieved his dream”, among other supportive remarks.

In fact, Dino’s father was a dancer before getting married. He even received love calls from an entertainment agency at the time. However, he gave up on his dream after marrying Dino’s mother, whom he met in the same club, at the age of 22.

Dino’s father, who runs a Chinese restaurant in Iksan, Jeonbuk, founded a dance academy for his first-born son, who had inherited his father’s overflowing talent. Dino’s father taught his son, whose dream was to become a dance singer, both the theory and practice of dance.

As time passed, Dino inherited his father’s dancing skills and went on to win dance competitions nationwide. One day, while participating in a competition, he caught the eye of a Pledis Entertainment official, who happened to be present. As a result, Dino was selected as a trainee in 2012.

After three years of training at the company, Dino successfully debuted as a member of the 13-member group SEVENTEEN. In doing so, he not only achieved his own dream, but also fulfilled his father’s dream. His heartwarming debut story was later revealed on the internet, touching the hearts of fans.

On the other hand, SEVENTEEN recently made a comeback with the release of their 10th mini-album “FML” (F*ck My Life). “FML” has sold over 4.5 million copies in just a week, announcing the glorious return of a representative K-pop group.

Source: Wikitree

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