Kim Tae-ri posts a selfie but fans laugh and tell her to “donate her face”

Actress Kim Tae-ri drew laughter from fans with a photo of her face.

All-round top star Kim Tae-ri entertained fans with a photo that seemed to have been taken recently.

Actress Kim Tae-ri, who often makes fans laugh whenever she uploads random photos without editing, revealed a picture of her face on Instagram not long ago with the caption “Taken recently”.

The released photo shows Kim Tae-ri wearing a hat on her long hair and showing her easy-going image.

In response to her post, fans and acquaintances commented, “If you’re going to take pictures like this, just donate your face”, “Unnie… Who told you to take a selfie like this…”, etc. They filled the post of Kim Tae-ri’s lovely and friendly appearance with laughter and affectionate reactions.

Twenty five twenty one

Meanwhile, after finishing the drama “Twenty-five, Twenty-one”, Kim Tae-ri, who has both excellent acting skills and outstanding beauty, recently released Youtube videos under the title “So This is the Place?” and was recognized for her creative planning skills. 

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