Song Hye-kyo, were you surprised by your close friend’s figure?… Choi Hee-seo “Back to that body”

Actress Choi Hee-seo caught the eye with her solid body.

On May 22nd, Choi Hee-seo posted a photo on her Instagram along with the caption saying, “I miss my Frida phonecase and my abs. Back to that body D-20.”

In the photo, Choi Hee-seo was showing her perfect S-shaped waist line and clear abs while taking a selfie with her mobile phone’s camera. In particular, she impressed everyone by her slim body line without any fat and boasted her elastic body.

choi hee seo instagram

Actress Jeon Yeo-bin drew attention by leaving several burning emoticons, while Lee Seol left an emoticon with a surprised expression along with the comment saying, “Wow.” Besides, actress Song Hye-kyo, who appeared in the drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up” with Choi Hee-seo and revealed that they are close friends, also attracted attention by pressing “Like”.

Meanwhile, Choi Hee-seo was born in December 1986 and is currently 37 years old. She got married in 2019.

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