Nancy (MOMOLAND) received attention for the moment of showing off her unbelievably beautiful skin, but her sharing about the bad comeback made fans feel sad

The images of Nancy (MOMOLAND) during the filming of MV Ready Or Not made many people crazy

Recently, Nancy (MOMOLAND) continues to receive netizen’s attention when the management company MLD released a behind-the-scenes video of the MV for the song that the group has just finished promoting, Ready Or Not.

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In the video, Nancy is so confident that she shows off her incredibly beautiful skin, the scene where she is standing in the sun doing photo shoots or performing choreography makes many people admire her because she is so beautiful.

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In the behind-the-scenes video, Nancy said “Ready Or Not” is the song marking the group’s comeback after 11 months, so it was expected to be welcomed by the audience.  In addition, this is also the mini-album that MOMOLAND likes the most with the help of PSY.  However, MOMOLAND’s comeback was not as expected when the song did not win any trophies, the album sales were not positive, making the fans of the group sad.

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It can be said that MOMOLAND’s biggest difficulty right now is not to compete with the “digital monster”, but the girls are facing great pressure to overcome the shadow of the hit Bboom Bboom. During their comeback with the previous album Fun To The World, the group did not win any trophies despite their hard work promotion.

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