Go Min Si “I ate 6 meals a day while filming ‘Smugglers’, I want to try a melodrama next time”

Actress Go Min Si revealed that she wants to appear in a melodrama work.

On August 17th, Go Min Si’s interview video was uploaded on W Korea’s official YouTube channel.

Go Min-si

The video showed Go Min Si answering questions. When asked about her impressions of filming the movie “Smugglers”, Go Min Si replied, “First of all, I’m not really a haenyeo. She is a character named Go Ok Bun, who’s uplifted from coffee shop staff to coffee shop madam. Since I didn’t film with the haenyeo very often, I was actually worried before I started filming. I may not be as good as I thought. I went to the scene site, but Hye Soo, Jung Ah, In Sung, Jeong Min and Jong Soo all did a really good job. I can’t forget actresses who played the haenyeo, Jun Myeon, Jae Hwa, Bo Bi and Kyung Hye. We had so many memories together that we couldn’t forget each and every one of them.”

Go Min-si

She recalled the amicable filming site, “I ate about 6 meals a day. There are so many small memories like ordering and eating delicious things everyday, bringing takeout and eating together at the senior’s dorm, and walking on the beach wearing raincoats together on a rainy day. There are so many small memories like that. It always felt like Christmas when I went there so I think it was such a happy work.”

To the question “If you were to decide your next work, what genre would you like to do?“, she confessed, “I want to try a melodrama. I haven’t had a work that hasn’t been stained with blood in the past 5 years, almost 5 years. Now, I want to try something like a melodrama or a romance comedy.”

Go Min-si

As for the reason why she suddenly cut her hair short, she said, “I had to cut it because of the work. It’s ‘Sweet Home’ 2 and 3 that many people have been waiting for. Something different from the metaphor that appeared in ‘Sweet Home’ season 1 happened and she cut her hair short. After cutting my hair short like this, the style of clothes I usually wear also changed. My daily life? I think it’s time for a lot of changes in that area. But since that change was a very positive change, I really like my bob hair now.

Source: Nate

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