Fans turned their back on Kang Sung-hoon who has been exposed by his fan club beauty pageant’s host

Kang Sung-hoon requested his fans to have height at least 165 cm and weight less than or equal to 50 kg


Suspicions have surfaced that Kang Sung-hoon conducted a beauty pageant for fans in the past, amid criticism that he had made “face reviews” aimed towards junior idol groups BTOB and ASTRO Cha Eun-woo where he belittled their appearance.

Fans still feel loyal towards him because this fact is not exposed yet,” said DCInside Kang Sung-hoon Gallery, one of Kang’s online fandom, on May 12th. “When I was at the ILYSH fan club which was the earlier version of Hoony World, we held an event to select Kang’s ideal type called Miss ILYSH (which was similar to Miss Korea) at the summer camp.

ILYSH is the predecessor of Kang Sung-hoon’s personal fan club Hoony World. After the disbandment of SechsKies, this fanclub was founded when Kang began his solo career.

According to the writer, the Miss ILYSH pageant was held in such a way that Kang Sung-hoon would eliminate anyone who failed to comply with his ideal type which is someone who is taller than 165 centimeters, weighs less than 50 kilograms and has long straight hair.

The selected Miss ILYSH was even taller than Kang Sung-hoon and she was extremely pretty,” the owner of the post said. “In commemoration of her becoming Miss ILYSH, other fans gathered to watch her taking pictures and shaking hands with Kang Sung-hoon.

The person also added, “Thinking about that event, I don’t know who did it but it was nothing special.”

When the comments said, “Is this really true?” and “If this is true wouldn’t it destroy his career?“. The author added credence by saying, “I will never forget about it, because I also went to compete in the Miss ILYSH pageant. When I was judged on the stage, I felt such humiliation that I couldn’t even lift my head.


Kang Sung-hoon became a controversial figure after he was found to have evaluated and belittled the appearance of younger groups before the story of Miss ILYSH was exposed.

A video was posted on SNS showing him sitting on a table and talking to his fans. In the conversation, he said “Idols these days are so ugly. I saw them at the hair salon, they looked so ugly and their skin seems dirty.” When a fan asked if he was talking about BTOB, he mockingly answered with “How could I say that it was them?“. He also mentioned that there have been no handsome idols after TVXQ, and if he was a producer, he would have picked his group through their appearance.

kang sung hoon

When he appeared on MBC’s “Video Star” in January last year, when asked about his opinion as the “face genius” of the 20th century on Cha Eun-woo – “face genius” of the 21st century – he answered, “Actually I don’t know that his face is handsome.

Kang Sung-hoon made his debut with the SechsKies in 1997 but was also arrested in court on fraud charges after the team disbanded. He was later released on bail and reduced his sentence through an agreement with the victims, but was charged with fraud and embezzlement last year. On top of this, he was booked for injuring his former manager earlier this year.

As the controversy grew, Kang was also kicked out of SechsKies, who reunited in 2016 with MBC’s “Infinity Challenge.” His exclusive contract with YG Entertainment has also been terminated.

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