Park Hee-soon, who married Park Ye-jin at the age of 45, shared, “I don’t think I would get married if it hadn’t been for this woman”

Actor Park Hee-soon expressed affection for his wife Park Ye-jin.

In the 147th episode of tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block”, which aired on March 30th, Park Hee-soon, an actor with idol-class popularity among celebrities in their 50s, appeared in the “Unexpected Talent” Special which introduces people who are active in their fields with extraordinary talents. 

You Quiz On The Block

On the broadcast, Park Hee-soon explained the remark “I will only film melodramas with my wife Ye-jin” he made in the past, saying, “At that time, I was asked about whom I wanted to film a melodrama with. I hadn’t appeared in any melodrama back then so I jokingly said, ‘I’ll just do it with Park Ye-jin’.”

Then, regarding his wife’s reactions, the actor said, “She told me not to talk about her in public. She asked why I kept talking about her when I was going out there to promote my movie”, drawing laughter. When Park Hee-soon was asked whether he would accept if a melodrama offered him to appear, the actor replied, “Yes. If I’m offered a melodrama role, I will do it. But they would have to censor some parts of the script”.

You Quiz On The Block

Park Hee-soon has been married for a long time, but it is known that he still calls his wife Park Ye-jin and asks ‘What are you doing?’. In response to Yoo Jae-seok, who was teasing him about that, Park Hee-soon said, “Jae-suk, don’t you do the same?”

He continued, “Since we are both actors, when we watch TV shows or movies, we follow them in a playful way. But after watching ‘My Love, Don’t Cross That River’, seeing how beautiful the love between the married elderly couple is, as we copy them, we started using formal speech when talking to each other. If she speaks formally, I’ll do it too, and when she switches to informal speech, I’ll also speak casually.”

Park Hee-soon shared that Park Ye-jin told him to quit one thing between drinking alcohol, smoking, and drinking coffee, so he gave up coffee. Park Hee-soon said, “Isn’t that a wise choice?” and Yoo Jae-suk smiled regrettably, saying, “Ye-jin should have removed the coffee.

You Quiz On The Block

Park Hee-soon revealed the thing he often says to his wife is “Yes,” and the thing he often hears from her is “Why did you do this?” Later, when asked if he recommended marriage, Park Hee-soon said, “I recommend it,” and to the question of when he felt happy, he answered “Always.” He said that he would still marry Park Ye-jin even if he was born again.

He continued to show his heartwarming affection for his wife by saying, “It’s not a specific moment, but every moment. It’s comforting to know that I have her whom I can lean on by my side. I got married at 45, so I had the thought that it wouldn’t work if it were not for this woman. It had to be her. When I want to confide, she will keep me company. We would talk about even small things on the set. If I say I look like I messed up, she will cheer me up.”

Meanwhile, Park Hee-soon, who was born in 1970 and turns 53 this year, married actress Park Ye-jin, who is 11 years younger than him, in 2015.

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